Dry Fire Training Tips & Drills

Dry Firing is the simple act of pulling your trigger without any ammo in your weapon. 

Laser Dry Fire Training Replaces live Ammo with a Firing Pin actuated laser bullet that is held in place with O-Rings so it does not eject. Laser activated Targets are employed to keep track of accuracy. 

Dry firing is the best way for a new gun owner to get the feel of their firearm before hitting the range. [Practice firearm safety at all times]  In addition to beginners, professional sharp shooters practice 1000's of dry fire drills a week going into competitions. For everyone in between, dry fire is a valuable low cost way to maintain and improve your firearm skills.

Practicing your firearm skills at home is more than mindless trigger pulling.

Create your own play list of dry fire drills dry.  This list is by no means exhaustive and you can find more drills online or by talking to firearms instructors at your local range. 

#1. Single Shot from the Holster (example, Do 20x 3 times a week to improve draw time & muscle memory for sight alignment).  
#2. Precision Fire (multiple shots until alignment is consistent for 3 trigger pulls)
#3. Distance Training (Pick 3 or more distances and mark them and repeat #1 from each mark)
#4. Target Transitions (two laser targets are great, but not needed for this one you can see where the laser hits on the wall, too. Go back and forth between two marks or targets and keep switching after each target hit, 15 times). 
#5. Hard cover training (running up to cover and then single shot. Use a couch, chair, door as cover and approach from several steps away and quickly cover fire on target). 
#6. Recoil anticipation deadening. (Successive dry firing from the same position to focus muscle memory on grip and sighting the target absent recoil. 20x 3 times a week).
#7. Single Shot Rack Required Weapons (some people keep one in the camber, for those that don't you need to practice racking it from holstered and hope you have two hands free in an emergency if you don't have a double action trigger). 
#8. Calisthenic type training 2 shots standing, 2 kneeling, 2 prone and back to standing (repeat). 
#9. Timed Drills.
#10. Live fire, dry fire, live fire (at range). Or Dry, Live, Dry.